• Answer to the point and be brief.
  • Valuator do not have ample time to read your answer paper thoroughly.
  • They will abundantly make use of scanning technique.
  • Present your points as a list wherever possible. This will increase the chances of the point being read by the valuator.
  • Number the points numerically instead of alphabetically.
  • Questions that use words such as describe and discuss require longer narrative answers. Present such answers in paragraphs with appropriate headings.
  • Present examples and illustrations frequently.
  • Underline key words in your answers. This is a must to enhance of your point being noticed by the valuator
  • Tabulate the comparative points (in a columnar fashion).
  • Avoid writing long and descriptive answers that take up yours as well as valuator time.
  • When you forget some points when writing the examination, leave some space and start a new answer.
  • You can return later and complete the previous answer when you recollect the points.
  • In the case of law, if you are sure of the case laws and sections, provide these in the answer sheet.
  • But in case of ambiguity, you may avoid, as a wrong quote is likely to have penalty.
  • The same is true in the case of statistics for economics subject.
  • Final students will be expected to give practical examples, application areas and good criticism of the subject matter (in applicable topics).

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