General Examination Guidelines to CMA (ICWAI) Students
  • Take a quick glance at the question paper.
  • Answer the easiest question first.
  • It is compulsory to answer the Compulsory Question.
  • It is preferable to answer the fewer questions correctly and fully .
  • Just before answering each question, read the question very carefully word by word trying to make the significance of each word, at-least once. 
  • Allot time for each question (depending on marks allotted to the concerned question).
  • Answer the theory questions preferably last.
  • Impress the valuator with the first answer. It should represent you caliber to give a good answer in all respects: content, neatness and presentation.
  • If there is a question for which you do know the answer but do not have the time to write it fully, write a synopsis for the answer.

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