How to answer problematic questions
  • Always leave left hand page for showing workings, assumptions and notes.
  • Workings are a must for the answer to be valid and should be fairly elaborate.
  • Use last page of the booklet for rough work.
  • State necessary assumptions and notes wherever possible rather than wherever you feel essential.
  • It is not a serious error if you write some extra assumptions, than miss some important ones.
  • State currency in subjects such as costing and accountancy and draw columns with double lines when time permits.
  • Provide Total columns where applicable in accountancy and costing.
  • Similarly state narrations to journal entries in the case of accountancy.
  • Avoid overwriting.
  • Where they become inevitable, strike off and write again.
  • Clarity is more important than neatness.
  • If the balance sheet is not tallying in the case of accountancy, apply the principle of double entry by ticking off the entries. Any figure taken from a tallied statement should appear only once, and the rest, twice on opposite sides. Finally check totals. If still they do not tally, write totals as they come and do try to deceive the valuator.
  • Do not try to deceive the valuator in any subject. They are likely to be smarter than you, in which case the penalty will be high.
  • Wherever possible, check your answers with control figures to ensure accuracy of your solutions.
  • Apply the rule of rounding off correctly for decimals.
  • The rule is, a digit followed by a figure starting with five and above should be rounded off to the next higher digit.

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