General Tips to CMA Inter / Final Students
  • Enter the examination hall with optimism and with a challenging spirit.
  • During the examination, keep watch of your time, but do not panic. The worst thing you can do to make the worst of the situation is to panic.
  • Maintain total concentration on the subject matter, forgetting the likely outcome of the examination.
  • With total concentration, very often you can come out with best answers that might have been difficult under normal circumstances.
  • The mood in the examination, very often, makes all the difference between a pass and a failure.
  • Take a deep breath before answering each question.
  • This helps you take extra oxygen, which in turn, activates your brain and nervous.
  • Never give-up the examination.
  • Make the best of the situation, even if you think you are going to fail.
  • There are always miracles that you can hope for, provided you have put in your best efforts.
  • This aspect has been proved in many cases as a matter of fact.
  • Never give any personal messages to the examiner; they will do you no good, but can harm.
  • Reserve the last 5 to 10 minutes for revision of your answer sheet.
  • You can identify and rectify blunders you might have made, within this short period, which can make all the difference between a pass and a failure.
  • Last but not the least, inform your faculty of your result and take their guidance for the next group examination.

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